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PES 2017 SMOKE PATCH 9.4.1 Season 2017/2018 Download Torrent

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Leagues promotion and relegation:
all European leagues will be reviewed for the new season 17/18, we are creating the newly promoted teams and moving the relegated teams, the league updated are:

– English 1st division
– English 2nd division
– French 1st division
– French 2nd division
– Italian 1st division
– Italian 2nd division
– Spanish 1st division
– Spanish 2nd division- Netherlands 1st division
– Portuguese 1st division
– Germany 1st division
– Russian 1st division
– Turkish 1st division

Players Stats Review:
In this update more players will have their stats reviewed in the major leagues, so far english and french league teams are all being under review and will keep this going on in each update, note that this takes a lot of time for data gathering and implementing.

Fixed Switcher issue:
one of the options in the switcher is not working properly, this update will review and fix all options to get correct teams and leagues as chosen

Fixed AI formation issue:
some of the newly added teams have a bug when the AI is controlling the team, the defensive formation will be scrambled and will show players in the wrong places, this is fixed now in this update.

Fixed Balls System:
some system files were misplaced causing some bugs in automatic balls selection, the balls works fine in this update now.

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